Reducing South Australia’s asthma mortality rate

Child Asthma

The Fay Fuller Foundation’s approach to grant making is about impact. Making a difference in the lives of South Australian’s and making South Australia an even better place to live.

So when we found out that South Australia has the highest asthma related mortality and hospitalisation rates we knew this was an area where we could provide some resourcing and make a difference.

Already supporting Asthma Foundation SA to deliver an education program to children’s service providers, this relationship has now been strengthened to include over $280,000 in support to research why we have such poor asthma mortality.

Understanding why South Australia in particular has challenges with the management of asthma is the first and most logical step to creating a solution to the problem.

A wonderful by-product of this project is that the research is being led by Dr Kristin Carson, Young South Australian of Year for 2015. Dr Carson has an impressive CV and with international interest in her work we are proud to be supporting her to conduct this research here in Adelaide.

To learn more about this project and Dr Carson please see this profile just published on Inside South Australia.

We look forward to sharing more information about the project as it progresses.


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