New grant partnership: Cure4CF Foundation

Cure4cf FoundationThe Fay Fuller Foundation is delighted to announce our new partnership with Cure4CF Foundation to progress world-leading research into a cure for Cystic Fibrosis (CF).

The two-year $670,000 project will establish and use the first Australian CF rat colony to test the effectiveness of corrective gene therapy on CF lung health.  It will also use a revolutionary x-ray imaging technology, which can map airflow during breathing, to accurately measure changes in lung health.

The work is underway at the Allan Scott CF Research Laboratory at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital and is led by pioneering scientist, Associate Professor David Parsons and the Cystic Fibrosis Airway Research Group.

If this project proves successful, it will be a global breakthrough in the treatment and assessment of an illness for which a cure has so far remained elusive.

For a number of years the Fay Fuller Foundation has been following the work of the CF Airway Research Group and their pioneering methods and we saw their current funding needs as integral to driving their research forward.  To have such world class scientists developing a gene therapy intervention here in South Australia is a wonderful story and one that we hope will ultimately be successful.